Hey Lori,
I'm not sure exactly why but I need to talk to you.
(or maybe you do know why....you're still in the right place.)

I hear this often.  Because the online business space has many facets.  And I'm someone who can talk to you about (mostly) all of it.

From strategy to marketing to the tech stuff and even people and processes.

What should we talk about?

Hiring a virtual team? (that knows what they're doing)
Planning your product offering and pricing?
Quitting & Building your own Virtual Professional business?
Figuring out how to monetize that list?
Website and online course updates?

"Lori Mercer is a brilliant online marketing strategist and implementer. She understands what it takes to begin, scale and grow an online business. Her wisdom and knowledge to lead teams through projects will help you work both quickly and efficiently. She has had an integral role in the marketing of our businesses and has been a valuable asset to our team."
Erin Chase, 5dollardinners.com &  MyFreezEasy.com

If any of these sound like you.....move on over to that form.....
I have this business idea and want to run it by someone......
I know my online business could be performing better.... (in fact, it's exhausting me)
I'm really stuck on this thing in my business.....  (insert almost any kind of business)
Can you help me build this website?  What about my online course or membership?   (yes.  when do you want to begin?)
I just want to get out of my day job.  And do something like you're doing.  Can you help me with a clear path?
Let's start the conversation
I could spend a lot of time trying to figure out which freebie you need. 

Or, we can do the human thing and you can tell me what you need and we start a conversation. 

Let's be more relational and less automated.  Deal?
We will never share your email. Promise.
Thanks for stopping by!  You'll find that I'm a straight shooter.  No busy mom has time to waste making mistakes.  I like to get right to the important stuff -- how are we going to help people the most?   is it profitable?
  (even non-profits need to have a way to make money to give away their services.  I know this well.  I'm the founder of a national non-profit too.)
Can't wait to get to know you!